Unit 12: extended project

Unit 12: Extended Project

Section One: Personal Development

Level 3 year 1

Oxjam 2015

The event that we done first was Oxjam, which is a charity event for the organisation Oxfam whose aim is to stop poverty worldwide. The music department got involved and sold tickets to help raise money.

The most important thing I learnt was to work with people I barely even knew and work together to create our set list. Since it was my second year at college and the second time I had done this event I knew what to expect but what made it different was singing with new people and singing songs that I wouldn’t normally sing. This was useful for me as a learner and taught me that change is not always a bad thing and just because it wasn’t my sort of genre of songs to sing that it was good to try new material and give it ago.

Christmas Gig

For the Christmas gig, we had to come up with a set list appropriate with the theme of Christmas. For this performance I took lead on the song ‘Last Christmas’ by wham and was accompanied by two of my friends in my class.

Since the Oxjam gig, me and these two girls had practiced harmonising with each other in the corridors, and decided that we wanted to became a trio. We took this gig as an opportunity to be more creative with our arrangement and wanted to put our own interpretation on the song. We changed the arrangement by adding an extra chorus or repeating verses, we also overlapped certain parts to make it sound more interesting and added our famous harmonies. The most important thing I learned was learning how to harmonise and being able to take lead. this was helpful for me as a learner because it helped not just my confidence but my pitching, which will be essential for other performances.

World Skills

World skills is a worldwide competition that gives bands from colleges from all over the borough to compete against each other. This was for our unit 6.

For world skills we were in groups that were a mixture of the level 2 year 1’s and the year 2’s. We came to an agreement that we would do a mash up of 5 songs out of the suggestions that we picked. With these 5 songs we had to come up with an arrangement that would flow nicely together and have a straightforward transition.

For me worldskills was a very different experience because  even though Oxjam helped me to work with new people in my class, worldskills differed because we had to work with people from the other classes who were older. It taught me on my teamwork skills. My group was full of very talented musicians, but with very strong-minded and intimidating personalities and came across as selfish and sometimes childish, because of this arguments would happen often and they would make it hard to solve problems. This taught me to be more tolerant and patient with band members which helped.

Another thing worldskills helped me with was my confidence, stage presence and going out of your comfort zone. I was given a solo part to rap, which was new to me because i don’t rap at all. It taught me that when you perform you have to look the part which helped me deliver a good performance and be more confident.

End of year collaborative project

The end of year collaborative project was marked as Pass, Merit or distinction. For this project we had to pick a song which showed off our abilities in what instrument we played but also involve the whole class and give them assigned roles.

The song that I chose was ‘Drag me down’ by One direction. I picked this song because it was very simple to learn and I felt comfortable singing it, also because it was a well known song and it would be easy for the class to pick it up. What I wanted to do was split the class into three groups of altos, sopranos and tenors so they could harmonies with me.

For me I feel as it taught me to actually be in control since in class and for other rehearsals I wouldn’t speak up I would just let something happen even if I didn’t agree with it, so this project gave me an opportunity to be in the spotlight. Also another thing it taught me was organisation skills and also memorising since we had to have everyone’s lyrics/ sheet music with us for every rehearsal.

Level 3 year 2


The event that we done first was Oxjam, which is a charity event for the organisation Oxfam whose aim is to stop poverty worldwide. The music department got involved and sold tickets to help raise money.

Oxjam this year our set list was shorter from last years and this time I was only involved in two songs which was ‘I’m going all the way’ by sounds of blackness and ‘read all about it’ by Emeli Sande which was the song our trio performed. I was only singing on the chorus for I’m going all the way but for read all about it I sang the whole song as I was the tune.

This taught me that if I’m singing the tune of the song that I have to sing it right or the harmonies won’t sound good together.

Funk and soul party

The funk and soul party was for our Christmas gig where the songs were chosen by the teachers and the songs had nothing to do with Christmas, but instead was a funk and soul genre.

In all honesty I didn’t sing much in this and I think I was only involved in one song which was ‘I feel good’ But what I did find useful about this performance was I spent time on looking at my  stage presence and choreography. This was essential for me because it made me more aware of what I m doing on stage and instead of just swaying and clicking you can come up with something more creative and something that fits with the theme and what you are singing.

The arrangement project

For this project we were separated into two groups and were giving songs to help us with arrangement which would help us with our next task.

The first song we were giving to arrange was ‘for once in my life’ by Stevie wonder. The whole point in this task was to interpret the song in a different style or changing the structure of the song to make it more exciting and better. For this song I played bass, it wasn’t the first time since I played it at the worldskills competition but I found it more challenging because I was playing notes I had never played before also I had to read from the sheet music. One of my teachers showed me to play it on a guitar because there was no basses and I picked it up in an hour. Our group forgot that the whole point of the task was about arrangement so when we performed it, it just sounded the same so we had to learn by our mistakes for the second song.

For the second song we to arrange the song ‘Ain’t no sunshine’ by bill withers but we had to go on our second instruments. For this song I played guitar as it is an instrument I self taught myself back in secondary school. We made this song into a duet and sped it up a bit.

For these task it taught me to be more comfortable on bass and also to figure out the bass line just by reading the sheet music and also to give new things ago.

The third part of this project was to pick a song of your choice and arrange it to make it your own. I decided to pick the song ‘I need your love’ by Ellie Goulding. I wanted to make it slower because the original is faster. As I was listening and playing the chords I realised that the song ‘how to love’ by Lil Wayne fit perfectly with my piece so I added the first verse of that song to make it my bridge. I used the chords of how to love and sang the chorus of I need your love over them which sounded different.

This project really helped me with my arrangement skills and to have that smooth transition between the two songs. Also I feel as it taught me to get better at using logic pro and I was able to create the whole beat myself.

Section 2: Project concept

In our groups we decided that the genre of songs we picked are R&B and pop. We chose these two genres because as musicians we are able to perform them well and also we enjoy listening and playing the songs.

Section 3: Rational

For this last performance I would like to be marked on my vocals. The reason I chose this is because I feel I am stronger as a singing then a bass player. The song I picked to sing is He won’t go by Adele. The reason I chose this song is because I can relate to the lyrics and I think I will be able to put emotion into this song through my body language and the way I sing it. For this performance I want to combined everything I learnt about stage presence and show everyone that I am confidence on stage. I plan to find performances of this song and take ideas.

Section 4: Evaluation

I intend to evaluate my rehearsals by recording and taking pictures and writing down important notes also I will identify all the problems and how we solve them as a group. I won’t just log the band’s development but I will log my own.

Planning and preparation

Week commencing Dates Targets accomplishments Problems and solutions
13/03/1 Wednesday 15th march

Today our targets were to pick our songs in our groups Our targets for today was to

-Choose what our set list consists of theme for band

– Listen to suggested songs

– Rehearse new songs and getting the structure down





One problem that occurred in rehearsal was that one of our teachers told us that our set list wasn’t great and we needed to come up with a theme to our set lists


We solved this by finding new songs with a certain genre and came up with the theme



Tuesday 21st march




Wednesday 22nd march



Our targets for this week is to start working on ben’s original and my song he won’t go. Accomplishments:

we went through the whole of ben’s song start to finish.


one problem that occurred was we were missing people like the piano player


we compromised and someone played the piano even though they are singing.




Personal target table

Date Target Task Solutions Success Further action
13th march 2017 To pick a song that will show of my ability as a singer and also that is appropriate to our theme
 21st march 2017 learn the bass line for neon cathedral but using octave notes

Task 3: planning folder

Instrumental List

Instrument List Quantity
Drum pad 1
Piano 1
Synth 1
Sustain pedal 1
Electric guitar 1
Bass 1
Microphones/ stands x6
Jack to jack cables x2
XLR leads x2

Song choices:

  • He won’t go- Adele
  • Sex is on fire- Kings of Leon
  • I do- Music soul child
  • Don’t you worry about a thing- Tori Kelly cover


Task Four: Research topic

How has Music effected change in society today?




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