Personal targets for world skills

Target 1: 

My first target is to learn the structure of the song.

To do this i will write down/ take a picture of the structure and go through it a couple times by myself to get the swing of it.

Target 2:

For world skills I’m playing bass, which is my second instrument. I am familiar with this instrument but i feel like i need to get use to more. The problem i have is i don’t own bass.

To do this is will do some research on the bass and try and find the chords for the songs I’m doing and write them down so i can work them out next rehearsal sessions. I might consider recording myself or someone else playing the bass line which will help me refresh the bass line in my head since i can’t practice at home.

Target 3:

My third target is to practice keeping in time with the other instruments.

To do this i will ask to go over it if i feel like i need help with the timing also i need to start counting so i know when to come in and when not too.


2 things that will get in the way of achieving these targets:

  1. Not having a bass can play apart of not achieving my targets because i can’t practice at home and will have to wait for rehearsals at college
  2. My attendance because it takes away my time of practicing bass

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