Unit 10: Personal statement

Even at the age of six ‘once upon a time’ was such a lame start to a story so I would always try and find new, interesting ways to open my first paragraph. I would write everyday when i got home from school and would spend 2 hours writing and re reading my work to make it better. As a kid I loved my toys but my love for a notebook was a lot stronger. The feeling I got when I would start writing in a fresh notepad was exciting as all I could think about was all the ideas I had, written down on paper and could not wait to  make it come to life just from how I would word it. I wanted people to read the first paragraph to my story and be hooked straight away and wanted to read on to find out what happens next. When I got to secondary school English was one of my favourite lessons and i started to enjoy writing articles and reviews as well as stories. Learning new techniques like subordinate clauses, metaphors, emotive language and personification made my writing more creative. It amazes me how just by adding one of them techniques could change a simple sentence into something captivating.
I have always had an interest in music but it was only till year 8 when I realised how passionate I was about it. One of my friend convinced me to join music club where we created our own little band. I remember sitting in class whilst we listened to the different genres and being mesmerized by how instruments can create a story just by playing a minor or major note. That lyrics tell a story and can describe a situation you have been in or going through better then you can.
I am currently studying a level 3 Diploma in music performance, I am in my last year and I have learnt so much. I have had an insight of how to record in the studio and we have worked on performance techniques. I have self taught myself how to play piano, guitar, drums and bass and have looked into roles in the music industry and their responsibilities . This course has developed my knowledge on the music industry and being a team player. I know that the music industry is hard to get into and you must be dedicated, self motivated and hard working.
Becoming a music journalist will allow me to combine my two passions; music and writing. I am keen to make a career out of the two things I enjoy the most.

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