Unit 11- Logs


Tuesday 17th January 2017

Emzee set us a 2-week task to arrange the song for once in my life by Stevie Wonder. I took on the role of playing bass because I have a little bit of experience playing since I played at world skills last year.

Today we spent our time working out the chords and getting familiar with the song all together. I think we done well even though we only learnt it today.


WWW and Personal improvement:

One thing that went well for me was I learnt the chords for the bass in our hour’s session with Carrie.

Carrie taught me how to play them on a guitar, since there was no bass’s but I was able to transfer them on to the bass by myself. Considering I am not actually a bass player I think I done well learning the chords and how quickly I learnt them.

What I need to improve on is moving to each note smoothly and getting to know the bass better. I will do this by practicing.


Tuesday 24th January 2017

Today we worked mainly on the structure and lyrics of the song. We went through the whole song first to see what bits needed to be worked on and then from there we went through each verse.

WWW and Personal improvement:

Since I learnt the chords for the bass last week I found it easier to play along with everyone. I personally think that I need to practice at home more and learn it off by heart so I am not relying on the sheet music constantly. I believe that I am doing well and picking it up quickly


Wednesday 26th January 2017

Today we spent the whole day rehearsing. In the morning me and Jordan set targets for our group, which were to focus on the lyrics and the structure of the song. so throughout the day we worked on them two main things in particular. We also started to work on the harmonies for the vocalists.

WWW and personal improvement:

I learnt the chords from last week and today I had to challenge myself and had to learn the instrumental section. I found it difficult and it took me a while to understand it. I feel like I need to practice it more and be more confident on playing. I do feel that I am doing well playing bass even though I’m still learning.


Tuesday 31st January  2017

Today our task was to play it with the harmonica and run through it a couple times to get the feel of the song. We mainly focused on fitting in the harmonica  solo. we also went over the harmonies.

WWW and personal improvement:

I think our group have done well today and Eloise learnt the harmonica really quickly and it sounds amazing!! Emzee brought up that we didn’t really follow the task as we didn’t do much to the arrangement so we started to try and change the arrangement and though we would add a swing section. A target for myself is too keep going even if i mess up and keep practicing. I think I have achieved a lot in the pass 2 weeks.


Task 2: 

Wednesday 1st February 2017

This morning we performed the Stevie Wonder tune in front of the other half of the class and i feel like we could of done better.

In the afternoon we were giving another song which was Ain’t no sunshine by Bill Withers. The whole point of this task was we had to change the arrangement of the song but we weren’t allowed to be on our first instruments. I decided that i was going to play guitar for this song. In our group we just went over the chords so we could get used to the song

WWW and personal improvement 

I feel as that we all know what we are doing and we just need to think about the arrangement. I think that i need to keep practicing the changes of the chords because i find it hard to.

Tuesday 7th February 2017


i found this mash up of Ain’t no sunshine and i need a dollar and it sounds good together

I like the harmonies and how he arranged it.


Wednesday 8th February 2017

Today we had to perform are arrengement of the song and morning rehersals was a challenge because half of the group wasn’t in. There was only three of us and we had to just play around the song but we couldn’t think of what to do. it just sounded the same.

in the afternoon some others came in and we decided to mash up the song with i need dollar using the video as inspiration.

i feel as we could of performed it better but it was good for something we came up with on the day







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