Unit 11- Task

World skills task: task 1

Uchans work 

The song I picked is We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off. The song was recorded in 1986 by Jermaine Stewart. I looked at two versions of the song. The first was the Jermaine Stewarts version, which uses drums, bass, backing vocals and keyboard, and is played with a synth to make a more complex sound.


I chose this song purely because of the context of the song, it was written to open up people minds about AIDs but also has other meanings. It talks about objectification of women/men and to not always focus on sex in a relationship. The audience is mostly people between 16-27 and this song can be relatable in some sort of way. The original key is E major. The tempo of the song is 120bpm and the genre is 80s pop.

The structure of the song is:

Verse 1

Pre chorus

Chorus x2

Verse 2

Pre chorus

Chorus x2

The second song was a cover by Ella Eyre, which is completely stripped down, slow and sparse with just piano and vocals.

The main theme is unhappy love and the lyrics are written like a letter or diary. The way she sings it makes you feel calm and she makes the words more powerful with her voice. This version of the song I prefer because they are sung in a way that brings out the emotion of lyrics.

The tempo of this version is 100bpm and is in the same key as the original.

The structure of this version:

Verse 1

Pre chorus


Verse 2

Pre chorus



Chorus x2




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