Evaluation Of Performance

Evaluation of performance

For the Christmas soul gig I feel as we all worked well in a group and the communication between us all was tight. For example when we were doing the choreography and we would mess up we wouldn’t just stop we would make sure we carried on and look at each other to make sure we were doing the right dance move.

I feel as the choreography was really good and went well with the music. I am proud to say I made some of the steps up and felt confident performing them.

The songs we performed were well rehearsed, but I feel we could have picked songs where everyone could have got involved, the downside I think for me was not being able to take apart in some of the songs as much as I liked too. In the song respect I just felt as if I was just standing there.

Personally I think that the second show was better for me, I think this because in the song Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, my first performance wasn’t as good as I could have done because I felt un sure about my vocals and in result of my negative mindset caused me to sing badly. The second show was so much better as I sang my bit with confidence and sounded really good


  • Emzee told me that I need work on my microphone technique, as I don’t sing into the microphone, which is mostly due to lack of confidence.- I done this in rehearsals but i think i could of done it better in the actual performance.
  • Uchan said that I should try and get more solos- Honestly i didn’t really try to get any solos in this show, but this is one of my goals for the next performance.
  • My friends said that I need to be more confident and sing louder- I need to work on this because i lack confidence in rehearsals. Sometimes i tried to be more confident in rehearsals but sometimes i wasn’t .


One development I will make for the next show is to put myself out there and put myself forward for more solos, because at the moment my voice isn’t acknowledged as much as it should be and to do a solo would change that.


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