Compose your Future at ExCel

Tuesday the 4th of october our college went on a trip to the ExCel centre for the event compose your future by UCAS.

During my visit yesterday one course that I found yesterday was a music business course at SAE institute (the school of audio engineering)

There course is two years, full time and is a very practical course. The reason why this course stood out to me than the others was because of their facilities and the careers you can get into with this course.

Entry requirements:

NEWUCAS tariff points, at A level (or equivalant)- 72

GCSE english and maths (or equivalant) -grade C or above

There are six trimesters and within them you will learn about

  • history of music
  • social, political, economic context
  • how money flows and collecting agengices
  • industry overview
  • historical persepective
  • music genres
  • issues and future prespective

I wanted to study just music journalism and was only looking at journalism courses, but after I saw that the music business course could get me into music journalism and other kinds of careers I think it would be worth it. The reason why I think so is because you’re not just focusing on one thing you are learning about multiply sectors in the industry and gaining knowledge for each aspect, which will come in handy especially in the music industry.


The second course i like was he music business course at BIMM.

The course is for three years, full time at the London BIMM.

course specification

the specification tells you all about the course and the modules.

The reason why i like this course is because of its connections and how practical it is. I’ve heard many good reviews about the university.

the only reason its not much first choice is because of how close it is to my house. if i go to university i want to experience what it like to move away from home and be more independent,


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