Unit 10- Preparing for progression

Music journalism is a job that interests me in the industry.

“Music journalists can be found working in a range of capacities such as newspapers, magazines and websites. They report on the latest developments in the music industry and write album and gig reviews. Some music journalists may write only for one publication, while others work freelance and write for a range of clients.”

if i had to rate my current level of skill and experience out of ten: 5/10

The reasons why i i rated myself a 5 is because i don’t really have much experience and need to improve some of my skills

My targets:

  • experience, paid or unpaid. this will give me first hand knowledge in the industry and show to employers my abilities and skills
  • Get involved in student newspapers, magazines or start my own blog. This can help me develop my writing skills and interviewing techniques
  • Have a look training schemes or writing workshops

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  1. Nikita
    Well done for submitting this. I would like you to include a more detailed job description where it lists day to day duties and I suggest you look for a UK based job description. I think that your targets are brilliant. You need to use quote marks and reference where you have got the information from after the quote and in the bibliography. If you sign up to Refme it will do this for you. Also in terms of apprenticeships I suggest you take a look at the BBC or other radio stations. Please redraft and resubmit by 9am on Wednesday 21 September 16


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